Read this document carefully before you start using the service. The document is a legal agreement between you as the user (private individual or company) and Entrya Technologies BVBA. By using the service you automatically accept these terms and conditions. Important! Read the conditions of this agreement carefully before you use the service. By using the service you accept the terms and conditions of the agreement. You may not use the service unless you accept all terms and conditions of the agreement.

1. Permission. Your use of the service is subject to certain conditions, i.e. you are entitled to use the service only in accordance with this agreement. The service is optional and free, i.e. you may use the service without charge on as many computers as you wish, subject to the exceptions stated below. It is not permitted to charge money for use of the service without the prior written permission of Entrya Technologies BVBA.

2. Limitation of liability. Entrya Technologies BVBA can never be held liable in relation to you or any other person or entity for the loss of income or profit, for the loss or damage of data, for any other commercial or economic loss or for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, legal, moral or consequential damage related your use of or reliance upon Entrya Technologies BVBA services, even if Entrya Technologies BVBA was aware of the possibility of such damage or such damage was foreseeable. This limitation of liability also applies to any fundamental or material failure under the agreement or to any breach of the fundamental or material provisions of the agreement.

3. Restrictions. You are not allowed to emulate, clone, rent out, lease, sell, modify, decompile, deconstruct or study the online software. Nor is it permitted to assign the software or part thereof in any way other than as defined in this licensing agreement. Any unauthorised use will result in criminal and/or civil prosecution. Any rights not hereby assigned remain vested in Entrya Technologies BVBA.

4. Availability. It is possible that the service may be temporarily unavailable due to a technical fault. Entrya Technologies BVBA has the right unilaterally and definitively to discontinue the service without prior notice. The temporary interruption or definitive discontinuation of this free, optional service will not affect the ultimate functioning of the GSM module. The settings of the GSM module will in any event continue to be manageable by means of SMS text messaging or a computer connected to the USB port of the device.

5. Costs. Entrya Technologies BVBA offers this service free of charge. At any time Entrya Technologies BVBA has the right to make a charge for the use of the service.

6. Miscellaneous. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between all parties and supersedes all earlier agreements and arrangements between the parties. Additions may be made only if agreed in writing between the parties. If for any reason any condition contained in the agreement is unenforceable, it will be amended in such a way that the condition may be deemed fair.

7. Ownership. The online software is the property of Entrya Technologies BVBA. This agreement does not vest in you either title to or ownership of the online software and does not give you any rights to sell the software. You acknowledge that no part of the title or ownership rights of this software may be assigned to you. You further acknowledge that title to and full ownership of this software will remain vested exclusively in Entrya Technologies BVBA and that you may not acquire any rights to the software other than those stated in this agreement.

8. No liability for damage caused by usage. Entrya Technologies BVBA will not accept, under any circumstances, any liability for any consequences or any special, incidental or indirect damage of any kind arising from the functioning or use of the service, even if Entrya Technologies BVBA was advised of the possibility of such damage. Under no circumstances will Entrya Technologies BVBA accept liability for claims, either via a contract, unlawful act or any other theoretical liability of any kind.

9. Technical support. This is an optional and free service so Entrya Technologies BVBA does not offer any technical support unless otherwise stipulated in a written agreement.